General Questions…

Is it for real? 525 bucks for a fully designed WordPress site?

That is right! We will build you a beautiful fully designed WordPress website for as low as $525! Everything Included! No hidden fees, no extra costs! Check out our Plans and Prices.

How do I know which features do I need and what are your prices?

Every business is different, but many have the same desires: more clients, more profit, increased notoriety, better reputation, quality staff, etc. We have created 3 different packages so you can choose the one that fits your needs the best.

I need a website that i can update myself. Can you make this happen?

Oh yeah. All of the websites we create are powered by WordPress that allows the owner or staff to easily update whenever they need to. And depending on your needs, we can also provide additional functionality that allow more sophisticated updates.

What if i want to start small and grow the website over time?

We design and develop all of our websites to evolve over time because they are developed with the most easy to use CMS in the world which is WordPress. WordPress makes it as easy as possible to add new features and content as your business grows or changes.

Do the website you create display properly on mobile devices?

Even better: we create mobile “responsive” websites, which display perfectly on all devices from smartphones to widescreen TV’s. And because the website “responds” to the device, it provides an ideal visitor experience from any device.

I need more than web design. What else do you offer?

We offer everything you need to succeed on the web and in the real world: logo design and branding, SEO and social media management, and you can even hire a full dedicated developer/designer/seo expert.

Do you accepts payments from my country?

We cater to clients all over the globe. We accept payments via PayPal payment gateway which allows anyone to order our service using their PayPal account or credit/debit cards

Do you create e-Commerce websites?

Yes. In fact, it’s one of our specialties. Check it out

Do you offer custom logo design?

Ohh yeahh. We are soooo great at it.

Is your site secure?

Yes! Our website is 100% secured and encrypted with a Comodo SSL Certificate. For your and our own security.  rsz_2comodo-ssl

How involved would i need to be in the development of the website?

As involved as you’d like to be. Our website design process was designed to extrapolate all the information from you that we need. After successful payment you will redirected to a form where we will ask you many questions about what is it that you have in mind. Be sure you can also get in touch by calling us whenever you want…

I don’t see an example in your portfolio of a website for my industry. Should this matter?

Not all. We’ve designed and developed over 2.000 websites, yes you heard it right! More than 2.000 websites that covers just about every major industry. We’ve got a great deal of experience in developing websites for the healthcare, legal, manufacturing, furniture, architecture, engineering, construction and restaurant industries. We’ve also created many many e-Commerce websites.

I want my website to be ranked highly on Google and other search engines. Do you provide SEO?

Indeed. A beautiful, easy to use website is virtually useless without qualified visitors. SEO has changed dramatically over the last few years and we are one of the few companies that have kept up with the changes.

How many people on your staff?

We’re growing like weeds. Beautiful weeds. We have a staff of well over 6 and counting.

I see you are in Maryland. Can you work with someone out of town?

Yep, about 90% of our clients are outside of Maryland. Wherever you are, we can help!

My question isn’t listed here in your nice little FAQs!

You can always send us a message. We’ll get back to you quickly.