5 Brilliant Headline Hacks for Crazy High Organic Click-Through Rates

What is the most important ranking factor? Ask 1,000 SEOs, and you’ll get a wide variety of answers.

Getting links and creating great content would definitely be two of the more popular answers, and for good reason. After all, that’s what Google says are the two most important ranking factors.

But there’s one other factor you can — and should be — focusing on. It’s something that could double your traffic. Yet so many people are overlooking it.

Why low CTR is kind of a big deal

You’re losing weight but not exercising. You’re constantly tired and having unexplained aches and pains. All of these symptoms point to something.

Does your website have cancer? Do you have the symptoms?

Are people bouncing off your pages like rubber balls? Is your click-through rate ridiculously low?

If so, it’s dragging down your overall domain-level engagement metrics.

What’s the cure? Is it to build more links to your crappy content? Is it to create more infographics or dream up some PR stunts? All of these may help in the short term, but your site still has a cancer you need to eradicate.